On-site Digital Imaging

Appalachian Orthopaedic Associates

On-site X-rays and MRIs facilitate a prompt and accurate diagnosis

Appalachian Orthopaedics has special imaging equipment on site to aid in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal problems on the spot. This allows us to begin your treatment plan sooner, which means your recovery will begin today. Having on-site digital imaging provides our doctors with the information they need to make a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are typically the first step in determining if an injury involves a bone fracture. For soft tissue injuries, the x-ray is followed by an orthopaedic MRI. At Appalachian Orthopaedic Associates, we have digital X-rays, which can be reviewed immediately by your doctor and easily sent to other doctors as needed.

Orthopaedic MRI

In orthopaedics, an MRI scan is used to view soft tissue injuries, such as a torn ligament or tendon. An X-ray will not show these injuries, but an MRI can. The images are very detailed, and having this equipment on site is not something you will find at most orthopaedic offices.

Joint Injections

Other on-site services include special joint injections (Hyalgan® and Euflexxa®) to relieve knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. The medication is designed to lubricate the knee joint and provide lasting relief. It is used with patients who have not had success with other pain relievers.

To schedule an imaging test or see an orthopaedic doctor in Bristol or Johnson City, call Appalachian Orthopaedic Associates.