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When you have a problem with your hip or knee, walking becomes very painful. Eventually you may miss out on activities because your knee is bothering you or your hip hurts. When you experience pain, there is a medical reason for it. You need an orthopaedic surgeon to examine your joints and solve the problem.

Hip Pain

There are a number of causes for hip pain. It could be a birth defect or a degenerative condition like arthritis. If you have suffered a fall, the hip may be fractured. Pain may be felt throughout the pelvic area, making it extremely difficult to get up, sit down, or walk around.

Treatment options are usually surgical, but there are minimally invasive procedures that drastically reduce the recovery period such as hip arthroscopy or anterior approach hip replacement.

Knee Pain

For knees, the primary culprit for pain is osteoarthritis; however, participation in sports that involve a lot of knee movement – soccer, running, football, baseball, basketball – can make you vulnerable to a sidelining knee injury. A torn ACL is one of the most common injuries.

Depending on the extent of your condition, a slow and careful rehabilitation period may be all you need. More serious conditions could require arthroscopic knee surgery or knee replacement/reconstruction.

Common hip conditions and treatments include:

Knee conditions and treatments include:

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